1. KamikawaNakafurano Town

    25Country Terrace Koropokkur
    フラノ自然体験村 カントリーテラス・コロポックル

    OPEN: Oct., 9:30-17:00, Nov., By reservation only

    CLOSED: Oct., Open everyday
    Nov., By reservation only

    349 122 318*71

    Address /Higashi 1, Kita 5,

    URL /

    POINT Our facility has only few English speakers, but even we try you to have fun with using body language.
    COUPONS・10% discount on activities more than 1,000 yen
    *Reservation required.Cannot be used in combination with other offers.

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  2. TokachiObihiro City(Otofuke Town Memuro Town)

    58 ITADAKIMASU Company

    Tour Schedule:

    CLOSED:Nov., 1-30

    Address /2-5, Nishi 12, Minami 29,

    URL /

    POINT Our professional farm tour guide will guide you around the extensive farm.
    You can actually taste fresh vegetables grown at the farm.
    COUPONS ・One complimentary bean strap for mobile devices for activity tour participants.
    *All activities require reservations, which should be made by 5 p.m. of the day before. One sticker for one person’s use.
    *The locations of the tours are real farms, so the meeting places of the tours are different from the address shown.
    *Please call the number shown here for the exact location of the meeting place.

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  3. TokachiShintoku Town

    80Shintoku Soba no Yakata

    OPEN: Restaurants Oct., 11:00-19:00, Nov., 11:00-17:00
    * Reservations are required for soba noodle making activity.

    608 746 814*12

    Address /102, Kisen,

    URL /

    POINT Bilingual Japanese-English menu available.
    COUPONS・10% discount on meals.
    * Privileges are valid at the restaurant only, not at the shop and the workshop.

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  4. TokachiShintoku Town

    81TAC Tokachi Adventure Club

    OPEN: 8:00-18:00

    CLOSED: from Nov., 4

    343 844 278

    Address /539-21, Kuttari,

    URL /

    POINTEnglish speaking staff available.
    COUPONS・One complimentary photograph taken during the tour for all group members.
    *Reservations required for activity tours, open until November 3.

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  5. Kushiro-NemuroShibecha Town


    OPEN: 8:00-17:00

    CLOSED: Occasionally

    576 810 756*42

    Address /7-51-91,Tourokita,

    URL /

    POINTKushiro Shitsugen National Park includes Japan’s largest marshland, and Akan National Park comprises Japan’s largest caldera area. We provide a variety of activities that enable you to enjoy Hokkaido’s magnificent nature in these two national parks.
    COUPONS ・”River Rafting at Kushiro Marshland” Activity fee: 13 years or over: 6,480 yen → 6,000 yen, 4-12 years: 3,780 yen → 3,500 yen, 0-3 years: free.
    *Reservations required.

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  6. Kushiro-NemuroTeshikaga Town

    112Watanabe Experience Farm

    OPEN: 9:30-15:30

    CLOSED: From Nov., 25

    731 354 581*01

    Address /646-4, Teshikagagenya,

    URL /

    POINTLots of fun activities and wonderful views that make you feel glad that you visited Hokkaido.
    COUPONS・One complimentary original cheese cake made with milk produced on the farm for participants in our activity tour course.

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  7. Kushiro-NemuroTsurui Village

    115heart’n tree

    Check in: 15:00-19:00, Check out: 10:00

    CLOSED /Oct., 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov., 3, 10, 17, 24

    556 626 703*63

    Address /496-4, Setsuri,

    URL /

    URL /

    POINTWe want our guests to spend a relaxing time here at the hill, and so all our meals are home cooked with heartfelt hospitality.
    COUPONS・10% discount on all meals.
    *Restaurant Open: 10:00-17:00

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