1. TokachiOtofuke Town


    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00

    369 636 341*07

    Address /14-2, Tokachigawaonsenminami,

    URL / http://www.kangetsuen.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.japanican.com/en/hotel/detail/1408001/(English)

    POINTFull of amazing experiences such as a magnificent view from the majestic Tokachi river from the open-air bath and a taste of Tokachi in Hokkaido.
    COUPONS・One complimentary drink at dinner for overnight guests.

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  2. TokachiOtofuke Town

    74Natural Hot Spring Hotel Hounomai Otofuke
    天然温泉ホテル 鳳乃舞 音更

    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00

    124 804 266*02

    Address /17-5-13, Kinonishidori,

    URL / http://www.hounomai.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.hounomai.com/en/(English)

    POINTHot water flowing directly from the hot-spring source, Wi-Fi available, multilingual website (Japanese, English and Chinese) available.
    COUPONS・One complimentary Hounomai towel with the hotel name Hounomai on it, for the first 40 guests who use the day trip hot springs.
    *Day trip hot springs hours: 6:00-23:30
    ・Check out time (normally 10:00 a.m.) can be extended to 12:00 p.m.

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  3. TokachiOtofuke Town

    75Tokachigawa-Onsen Daiichi Hotel Hosyu-tei, Toyo-tei
    十勝川温泉第一ホテル 豊州亭・豆陽亭

    Hosyu-tei check in: 15:00, check out: 11:00,
    Toyo-tei check in: 15:00, check out: 10:00

    369 636 572*73

    Address /12, Tokachigawaonsen minami,

    URL / http://www.daiichihotel.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.daiichihotel.com/eng/(English)

    POINTAt this hotel you can indulge yourself in the natural moor hot spring of Hokkaido, while enjoying the great natural beauty of Tokachi.
    COUPONS・For overnight guests: one complimentary 500-yen voucher for hotel shopping per adult.For day trip hot springs guests: reduced hot spring fee (age 13 or older: 1000 yen → 800 yen).
    *The day trip hot springs fee may change because the hot spring bathing facility is being renovated.
    *Day trip hot springs hours: 13:00-21:00

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  4. TokachiOtofuke Town

    76Tokachi Ecology Park

    OPEN: 9:00-17:00

    369 637 681*65

    Address /18-1, Tokachigawaonsenminami,

    URL / http://www.tokachi-ecopark.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT Extensive nature park of 409ha where you can enjoy through 4 seasons.
    Cottages and camping area are here.
    Snow rafting tour is popular in a winter.
    COUPONS・At“ Ekopa Cafe” in the visitor center,One complimentary cup of coffee or a 50 yen discount on soft-serve ice cream from 250 yen → 200 yen.
    *Because only one benefit can be used by a group, your entire group must choose the same benefit.

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  5. TokachiOtofuke Town


    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00

    369 636 384*12

    Address /15-1, Tokachigawaonsenminami,

    URL / http://www.daiheigen.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.daiheigen.com/lg_en/(English)

    POINTThe traditional Japanese cuisine using the ingredients of Hokkaido is a popular dinner option at Restaurant Kiraku.
    COUPONS・One complimentary glass of Tokachi wine with meals.
    ・One complimentary shopping voucher(500 yen) for purchases exceeding or equal to 3,000 yen at the shop.
    *Overnight guests only.

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  6. TokachiOtofuke Town

    78Ryugetsu sweetpia-garden

    OPEN: Until Nov., 3rd.: 9:00-18:00, From Nov., 4th.: 9:30-17:30

    124 801 596*14

    Address /2, Shimootofukekita 9, Nishi 18,

    URL / http://www.ryugetsu.co.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT This factory shop has great views of Tokachi and lots to do, such as a factory tour, workshops (fee required),café, dining and more.
    COUPONS・50 yen discount on soft-serve ice cream.

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  7. TokachiShintoku Town

    80Shintoku Soba no Yakata

    OPEN: Restaurants Oct., 11:00-19:00, Nov., 11:00-17:00
    * Reservations are required for soba noodle making activity.

    608 746 814*12

    Address /102, Kisen,

    URL / http://shintokusoba.com/html/page4.html

    POINT Bilingual Japanese-English menu available.
    COUPONS・10% discount on meals.
    * Privileges are valid at the restaurant only, not at the shop and the workshop.

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  8. TokachiNakasatsunai Village

    82Tokachino Fromages

    OPEN: 10:00-17:00

    CLOSED: Oct., 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov., 2, 9, 16, 30

    396 660 822*56

    Address /2, Nishi 2, Minami 7,

    URL / http://t-fromages.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://t-fromages.com/en/index.html(English)

    POINT This factory-shop features dairy products made with fresh Hokkaido milk such as camembert cheese and butter.
    COUPONS・30 yen discount on gelato ice cream.
    ・10% discount on purchases of cheese or butter of 1,000 yen or more

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  9. TokachiSarabetsu Village

    84Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Areas)Sarabetsu PIPOPA

    OPEN: 9:00-18:00 *Restaurants 9:30-17:00

    396 468 574

    Address /464-1, Sarabetsukouwa,

    URL / http://www.sarabetsu-pipopa.jp/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.hokkaido-michinoeki.jp/en/michi-no-eki/225/(English)

    POINT Information hub of the South Tokachi area, selling local specialties such as fresh vegetables.
    Free Wi-Fi available with English guidance.
    COUPONS・One complimentary bag of Donguri-mura (Acorn Village) potato chips per sticker for one group.

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  10. TokachiIkeda Town

    85Tokachi “Makiba” the Hokkaido gateway

    OPEN: 9:00-18:00 (Reception Desk)

    CLOSED: Oct., 11, 12, 13, Nov., 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

    369 687 130*66

    Address /144, Kiyomi,

    URL / http://makibanoie.com/(Japanese)

    POINT A cottage where up to five guests can stay, and eating and drinking facilities that everybody can enjoy Tokachi beef, sweets, etc.
    COUPONS・One complimentary bottle of locally-made soda pop for visitors who have ordered a meal of 1,000 yen or more (after tax) at the café or restaurant (one bottle for one person).
    ・One complimentary bottle of Tokachi wine (200 ml) or locally-made soda pop for overnight guests at the cottage who used 3,000 yen or more at Makiba Marché in the restaurant (one bottle for one person).
    *The Green Leaf Terrace outdoor café (open 10:00-16:00) operates until October 10. The Makiba no Shokudo restaurant (open 11:00-15:00) operates from October 14 until spring.

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