(The numbered black circles are facilities where you can use your coupons. )

  1. KamikawaBiei Town

    21Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Areas)Biei “Okanokura”

    OPEN: 9:00-17:00

    389 011 694

    Address /1-9-21, Motomachi,

    URL / http://www.biei-lavenir.com/index.html(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.biei-lavenir.com/index_e.html(English)

    POINT This compact and cozy roadside station is full of an amazing selection of Biei’s local products. The warm and friendly staff will welcome you!
    COUPONS・50 yen discount on Biei milk soft-serve ice cream.

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  2. KamikawaKamifurano Town

    22Goto Sumio Museum Of Art
    〜 His Japanese Paintings〜


    OPEN: Oct.: 9:00-17:00, Nov.: 9:00-16:00

    349 434 047*15

    Address /Higashi 4, Kita 26,

    URL / http://www.gotosumiomuseum.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.gotosumiomuseum.com/lang_el/index.html

    POINT Japanese painting is part of traditional Japanese culture, using natural mineral pigments called iwa-enogu (lit. rock paint) as paints. Sumio Goto is one of the most prominent painters of Japanese painting. This museum exhibits approximately 130 pieces of his works, depicting different seasons at a wide variety of places including Kyoto, Nara, Hokkaido, China, and Europe.
    COUPONS・Free audio guide in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
    ・One complimentary cup of coffee with a meal.

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  3. KamikawaKamifurano Town

    23Tokachidakeonsen Kamihorosou inn
    十勝岳温泉 カミホロ荘

    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00

    901 872 422

    Address /Tokachidakeonsen,

    URL / http://tokachidake.com/kamihoro/(Japanese)

    POINT Hot water flowing directly from the hot-spring source. A magnificent view from the open-air bath.
    COUPONS・Entrance fee for day trip hot springs: 13 years or over: 600 yen→400 yen, 4-12 years: 350 yen→250 yen.
    *Day trip hot springs hours: 7:00-21:00 (Last admission 20:00)

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    1. KamikawaKamifurano Town

      24Miyamatouge Art Park

      OPEN: 9:00-17:00

      349 639 702*26

      Address /Nishi 8, Kita 33,

      URL / http://tokachidake.com/art/(Japanese)

      POINT A complex of play, food, and activities with a focus on the trick art museum.
      COUPONS・Trick Art Museum entrance fee: 19 years or over 1,300 yen → 1,100 yen, 13-18 years 1,000 yen → 800 yen, 11-12 years 700 yen → 500 yen, 10 years or under free.

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  4. KamikawaNakafurano Town

    25Country Terrace Koropokkur
    フラノ自然体験村 カントリーテラス・コロポックル

    OPEN: Oct., 9:30-17:00, Nov., By reservation only

    CLOSED: Oct., Open everyday
    Nov., By reservation only

    349 122 318*71

    Address /Higashi 1, Kita 5,

    URL / http://www.koropo.com/(Japanese)

    POINT Our facility has only few English speakers, but even we try you to have fun with using body language.
    COUPONS・10% discount on activities more than 1,000 yen
    *Reservation required.Cannot be used in combination with other offers.

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  5. KamikawaShimukappu Village

    26Shimukappu Yunosawa Onsen Mori no Shiki
    占冠湯の沢温泉 森の四季

    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00 

    694 752 866*61

    Address /Yunosawakyo,

    URL / http://yunosawa.com/(Japanese)

    POINT An onsen (hot springs) hotel surrounded by Shimukappu forest. It was reopened in September 2012 after refurbishment. You can relax in the lobby featuring a Japanese-style fireplace.
    COUPONS・One glass of complimentary oolong tea or orange juice for overnight guests or for day trip hot springs guests.
    *Each coupon covers an entire group of up to 8 people.
    *Day trip hot springs hours: 11:00-20:30

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  6. KamikawaShimukappu Village

    27Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Areas)Shizen Taikan Shimukappu 

    OPEN: 9:00-18:00

    694 513 124*72

    POINT Equipped with 13 rental bicycles. A wide variety of Shimukappu craft products are available.
    COUPONS・Shimukappi Dora-yaki (red bean paste pancake): 250 yen → 100 yen.
    *One sticker for one person’s use.

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  7. KamikawaWassamu Town

    28Shiokari Huette

    Check in: 16:00, Check out: 10:00
    *Please contact the facility for its days of operation.

    Address /503-2, Shiokari,

    URL / http://shiokari.info/(Japanese)

    URL / http://shiokari.info/?lang=en(English)

    POINT Getting off the train, all you can see is a silent and dim forest. Then, you find a tiny light in the darkness, which makes you feel safe and relieved. We built “Shiokari Huette,” wishing it to be a light for our guests.
    It is a self-built log house, located alone in the setting of Shiokari Toge (Shiokari Pass), a novel by Ayako Miura
    A 2-minute walk from Shiokari Station, JR Soya Main Line. You can enjoy the view of the trains from any room.
    COUPONS・10% discount on accommodation (w/o meal).
    *Cannot be used in combination with other offers.
    *Open until late October.

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  8. KamikawaKembuchi Town


    OPEN: Oct.: 9:00-17:00, Nov.: 10:00-16:00

    470 678 121*44

    Address /3733, Higashimachi,

    URL / http://www.viva-alpaca.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT Make friends with the alpacas! To enjoy panoramic views of Kembuchi Town, don’t miss the “peak drive” in an open car..
    COUPONS・One complimentary alpaca welcome photo-card.
    ・A cup of soft drink services.

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