(The numbered black circles are facilities where you can use your coupons. )

  1. OkhotskKitami City


    OPEN: Food Section: 8:00-21:45
    Other Sections: 9:00-21:00
    *Hours of operation may vary from shop to shop and according to the season

    185 480 616*22

    Address /1-1-1, Hokushincho,

    URL / http://www.aeon-hokkaido.jp/kitami/index.html(Japanese)

    POINT A wide variety of products are available (foods, cosmetics, medicines, clothes, etc.).
    COUPONS・To get your AEON “Discount Coupons” bring your “Hokkaido Driving Coupon” booklet to the service counter.
    The 5% discount applies only to shops operated by AEON.
    *You need to get the AEON discount coupons before you pay.

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  2. OkhotskKitami City


    OPEN: 11:30-22:00 (Last order 21:40)

    185 481 239*77

    Address /2-2-2, Yamashitacho,

    URL / http://www.beers.co.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT This is the first local craft beer in Japan to be licensed.
    Please enjoy the refreshing all-malt beer and local cuisine.
    COUPONS・10% discount on all purchase.

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  3. OkhotskKitami City

    32Aquarium of the north earth

    OPEN: Oct., 8:30-17:00, Nov., 9:00-16:30

    402 600 225*44

    Address /1-4, Matsuyama, Rubeshibecho,

    URL / http://www.onneyu-aq.com/(Japanese)

    POINT Features exhibits recreating the harsh yet magnificent nature of Hokkaido.
    COUPONS・Entrance fee: 16 years or over 670 yen → 510 yen, 13-15 years 440 yen → 370 yen, 7-12 years 300 yen → 200 yen.
    *The maximum size for one group is 5 persons.

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  4. OkhotskKitami City

    33Kitami October Festival 2016

    Event period: Oct., 19-21 (17:30-21:30), Oct., 22 (16:30-21:30)

    (Kitami Tourism Association)

    185 482 179*83

    Address /Parabo #5f Event Space, 2-1, Oodori nishi,

    URL / http://kitamikanko.jp/event/event13.html(Japanese)

    POINT This event celebrates the Okhotsk autumn harvest of Okhotsk with local craft beers from around Japan. Kitami’s own “Okhotsk beer” is also very popular.
    COUPONS・One complimentary memorial glass with every purchase of a 2,200 yen beer ticket sheet (for 4 local craft beers).
    *One glass per group available to the first 50 groups in order of arrival.

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  5. OkhotskKitami City

    34Kitami Tourism Association (Kitami Tourist Office)

    OPEN: 9:00-17:30

    185 483 212*14

    Address /1-5-4, Oodori nishi,

    URL / http://www.kitamikanko.jp/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.kitamikanko.jp/en/index.html(English)

    POINT The Kitami Tourist Office provides sightseeing information for Kitami City, a major city in the Okhotsk region, which is famous for drift ice tours. Please feel free to drop by.
    COUPONS・One complimentary box of locally produced onion soup (3 servings) per group.
    *Available to the first 500 groups in order of arrival.

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  6. OkhotskKitami City

    35KITAMI YAKINIKU Meat Coupon
    • except for some shops

    After purchasing a coupon, please use it at a participating restaurant.

    (Kitami Tourism Association)

    185 483 212*14

    Address /1-5-1, Oodori nishi,

    POINT This coupon enables you to enjoy Yakiniku BBQ–which Kitami residents adore–at a discount price. Be sure to reserve in advance at the restaurant of your choice before heading out to dinner.
    COUPONS・Kitami yakiniku (BBQ) meat discount coupon 2,000 yen → 1,000 yen
    *Coupons are available only from the Kitami Tourism Association office (9:00-17:30). *The coupon gives the discout on each person in the group (max. 4 people).

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  7. OkhotskKitami City

    36Kitami Mint Memorial Museum

    OPEN: Oct., 9:00-17:00, Nov., 9:30-16:30

    CLOSED: Oct., 3, 11, 17, 24, 31, Nov., 4, 7, 14, 21, 24, 28

    185 452 621*71

    Address /1-7-28, Minaminakamachi,

    URL / http://www.kitamihakka.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT The museum features exhibits related to the history of Kitami Mint, which in the past was responsible for 70% of the world’s mint production. The fresh aroma of mint distilled in the museum demonstrations leaves a lingering impression.
    COUPONS・One complimentary bag of locally produced mint candies per group.
    *Available to the first 200 groups in order of arrival.

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  8. OkhotskKitami City

    37Bihakunoyuyado Oehonke
    美白の湯宿 大江本家

    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00

    402 601 765*41

    Address /466-1, Onneyuonsen, Rubeshibecho,

    URL / http://www.oehonke.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.oehonke.com/en/(English)

    POINT This long-established hotel boasts a gentle-on-the-skin simple alkaline onsen with water flowing directly from the hot spring source.
    COUPONS・One complimentary drink at dinner per person for overnight guests.

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  9. OkhotskAbashiri City

    38Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum

    OPEN: Oct., 8:30-18:00
    Nov., 9:00-16:30
    *Last admission: 30 minutes before closing time.

    305 584 757*72

    Address /245-1, Tentozan,

    URL / http://www.ryuhyokan.com/museum/index.html

    POINT Enjoy the “Shibare Experience” of actual drift ice and frozen towels. (At these frigid temperatures, the towels freeze instantly.)
    The Drift Ice Theater transports you into a mystical world. Experience breathtaking views from the Observation Terrace.
    COUPONS・50 yen discount on “Ryuhyo Soft Serve Ice Cream” (Original soft serve ice cream topped with Okhotsk sea salt)
    *Available to Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum visitors only.

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  10. OkhotskAbashiri City

    39Abashiri Prison Museum
    博物館 網走監獄

    OPEN: 9:00-17:00

    305 582 179*47

    Address /1-1,Yobito,

    URL / http://www.kangoku.jp/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.kangoku.jp/world/(English)

    POINT The Beauty of Hundred-Year-Old Buildings that are Important Cultural Properties. 
    COUPONSEntrance fee: 23 years or over 1,080 yen → 970 yen, 16-22 years 750 yen → 680 yen, 7-15 years 540 yen → 480yen.

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