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How to Use Coupons

How to Read Facility Information


Points to Note When Using Coupons

  • ●Each car that is rented entitles the renter to one booklet of coupons, and each coupon sticker can be used only once at the same facility.
  • ●If the coupon gives some choice, you may choose only one.
  • ●Unless otherwise stated, all members of a group may receive the services stated on the coupon with one coupon sticker.
  • ●If you run out of coupon stickers, you will not be able to receive coupon services. Additional stickers cannot be provided. When you want to visit numerous participating facilities, it is recommended that you plan how you will use the coupons in advance.
  • ●Read the content information provided on the coupon carefully before use, including conditions such as the number of people who can receive the states services. Please note that facilities may be closed or unavailable.


The information in this booklet is based on data provided by participating facilities and shops (as of August 1, 2016). However, the content may change due to the occurrence of unexpected disasters or other incidents. In light of this, the user is responsible for confirming in advance that the services are offered.
*Discount Coupons may exclude certain items(alcohol,cigarettes,stamps,and etc.)

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