(The numbered black circles are facilities where you can use your coupons. )

  1. OkhotskAbashiri City


    OPEN: 9:30-16:30

    CLOSED: Dec., 5-7, 12, 19, 26, 29-31, Jan.,1-3,10,16,23,30,

    305 584 277*82

    Address /309-1, Shiomi,

    URL / http://hoppohm.org/(Japanese)

    URL / http://hoppohm.org/english/index.htm(English)

    POINT Beginning with the Ainu People of Japan, the museum introduces the cultures of various people living in the northern areas of Russia, Canada, Scandinavia, China, and other countries/regions. Information leaflets are available in English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Thai, and Russian. The facility has a free Wi-Fi service and exhibition room labels are also provided in English. A free audio guide service is also available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.)
    COUPONS・Free entry for the Permanent Exhibition for one person in a group.

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  2. OkhotskAbashiri City

    41Michi-no-Eki(Roadside Rest Areas) Ryuhyo-kaido Abashiri

    OPEN: 9:00-18:30


    0152-67-5007(Tourist Info.)

    305 678 310

    Address /5-1, Minami 3, Higashi 4,

    URL / http://www.hokkaido-michinoeki.jp/michinoeki/2986/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.hokkaido-michinoeki.jp/en/michi-no-eki/348/(English)

    POINT Located at the mouth of the Abashiri River, the Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri roadside rest area provides panoramic views of the Sea of Okhotsk and Shiretoko Peninsula. In addition to sightseeing information, a variety of information on the local area is also available, and shops sell local specialties. During winter, the rest area also serves as a drift ice sightseeing base as the landing place for the icebreaker ship Aurora.
    COUPONS・One complimentary “Ryuhyo Soft Serve Ice Cream” or soft drink per group.
    *Hours: 10:00-17:30

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  3. OkhotskMombetsu City


    OPEN: Food Section: 8:00-21:45
    Other Sections: 9:00-21:00
    *Hours of operation may vary from shop to shop and according to the season

    401 357 576*30

    Address /3-4-39, Hanazonocho,

    URL / http://www.aeon-hokkaido.jp/monbetsu/index.html(Japanese)

    POINT A wide variety of products are available (foods, cosmetics, medicines, clothes, etc.).
    COUPONS・To get your AEON “Discount Coupons” bring your “Hokkaido Driving Coupon” booklet to the service counter.
    The 5% discount applies only to shops operated by AEON.
    *You need to get the AEON discount coupons before you pay.

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  4. OkhotskMombetsu City

    43Family Dining Restaurant Wagaya

    OPEN: 11:30-14:30 (Last order at 14:00)
    17:30-22:00 (Last order at 21:30)

    CLOSED: Oct., 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov., 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

    401 387 112*83

    Address /Inside of Okhotsk Hyoumon-no-eki, 4-1-1, Saiwaicho,

    URL / https://www.facebook.com/fd.wagaya/(Japanese)

    POINT Enjoy barbecued seafood and meats and Genghis Khan mutton BBQ cooked on a charcoal grill at your table.
    English and Chinese menus are also available for your dining convenience.
    COUPONS・One complimentary soft drink with orders of 700 yen or more.
    *Cannot be used in combination with other offers

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  5. OkhotskMombetsu City


    OPEN: 9:00-17:00
    *Last admission 16:30

    CLOSED: Oct., 3, 11, 17, 24, 31, Nov., 7, 14, 21, 28

    801 585 104*80

    Address /11, Motomombetsu,

    URL / http://www.giza-ryuhyo.com/(Japanese)

    URL / http://www.giza-ryuhyo.com/eng/index.html(English)

    POINT In the -20°C “Harsh Winter Experience Room,” it is possible to touch actual drift ice. The Drift Ice Aquarium displays a precious collection of some 130 varieties of frozen fish and shellfish that cannot be seen elsewhere. It is also possible to see between 100 and 1,000 cliones each year. This facility enables you to have fun while learning about the mysteries of drift ice.
    COUPONS・Entrance fee w/movie 750 yen → 600 yen, w/o movie: 450 yen → 350 yen, 15 years or under free.
    ・One complimentary set of scallop-shaped emas (votive tablets) and penguin origami paper, in addition to the above discounted admission.

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  6. OkhotskMombetsu City

    45Okhotsk Sea Ice Park

    OPEN: 9:00-17:00

    801 557 121*14

    Address /101, Motomombetsu,

    URL / http://seaicepark.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT From children to adults, people of all ages can spend time deepening exchanges as they enjoy the wooden playground equipment and inhale the scent of nature.
    COUPONS・One complimentary original post card at the “Aozora-koryukan”.

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  7. OkhotskMombetsu City

    46Mombetsu Prince Hotel

    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 11:00

    401 358 394*51

    Address /7-3-26, Honcho,

    URL / http://www.mombetsu-prince.com/

    URL / http://www.mombetsu-prince.com/en/index.html

    POINT This is the only natural hot spring hotel in Mombetsu, and crab cuisine is our specialty, so please visit us if you’d like to enjoy both soaking in a hot spring bath and savoring a delicious crab dinner.
    *Information is also available in Chinese (Traditional) and Korean on our official website.
    COUPONS・One complimentary soft drink or one glass of beer per guest with dinner or when using the restaurant.

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  8. OkhotskMombetsu City

    47Mombetsu Fisherman’s Diner

    OPEN: Shop: 10:00-17:00, Restaurant: 11:00-17:00
    *Last order: 16:30

    CLOSED: Oct., 3, 11, 17, 24, 31
    Nov., 4, 7, 14, 21, 24, 28

    401 297 347*57

    Address /40-55, Shinsei,

    URL / http://mombetsu-ryoshi.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Thai, and Korean menus (with pictures) are also available.
    Credit cards and Union Pay are accepted.
    COUPONS・One complimentary item from the side menu for groups of visitors eating in the diner,
    ・Free packing is available for frozen food purchases of 3,000 yen or more.
    *Separate shipping fees apply.
    *Cannot be used in combination with other offers

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  9. OkhotskBihoro Town


    Check in: 15:00-22:30, Check out: 10:00

    305 090 132*11

    Address /140-6, Mizuharu,

    URL / http://www.kr-g.com/(Japanese)

    POINT Japanese people love onsen (hot springs), and Hokkaido has many onsen. Please relax and soak away your travel weariness at our onsen public baths and experience Japanese traditional onsen culture.
    Bathing instructions are available in English, Korean, and Chinese.
    COUPONS・Day trip hot springs Amenities Set fee (shampoo, body soap, rental towel bath towel) 560 yen → 500 yen.
    *Day trip hot springs hours: 9:00-22:30

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  10. OkhotskShari Town

    49Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kitakobushi

    Check in: 15:00, Check out: 10:00

    894 854 356*81

    Address /172, Utoro higashi,

    URL / http://www.shiretoko.co.jp/(Japanese)

    POINT Located at the entrance to the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site, the hotel provides the perfect base for sightseeing.
    COUPONS・One complimentary drink per person for the overnight guests in the lounge.
    *Only one complementary drink per group.

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